Khaptad National Park Trek Itinerary

  • Day 01 : Fly Kathmandu – Nepalgunj (198m) – 1 hr flight and drive to Buditola.

    We will head to the airport for our flight to Nepalgunj. The flight will be scenic, and upon reaching Nepalgunj, we will drive towards Buditola. We will drive along the longest river of Neal, Karnali River. After a few hours of the drive, we will reach Buditola where we will be staying for a night. 

    • Day 02 : Drive Buditola to Silgadhi (1330m) – 6 hrs drv.

      After having breakfast, we will drive towards Silgadhi. The drive will be long and scenic. Upon reaching Silgadhi, we will spend the rest of the day relaxing. 

      • Day 03 : Trek to Jhigrana (2300m) – 7 hrs walk.

        Today, we will begin trekking and our first destination is Jhigrana. After having breakfast, we will trek and reach Balek in three and a half hours where we will be stopping for a lunch. Further, we will again trek for around three and a half hours to reach Jhigrana. On the way, we will go through small villages and forest. 

        • Day 04 : Day 04: Trek to Bukipani (3080m) – 6 / 7 hrs walk.

          We will begin trekking after having breakfast. We will ascend for long hours and reach Bichpani Dharmasala (3020m). We will take a short break here for lunch. After that, we will continue ascending along with beautiful sceneries to reach Bukipani where we will stay for the night.

          • Day 05 : Trek to Khaptad (3010m) – 2 hrs walk.

            The trail is short, and within a couple of hours, we will reach Khaptad. Upon arriving at Kapthad, we will have lunch and rest for a few hours. After that, we will visit the famous Khaptad Baba’s Ashram and explore the area. We will stay overnight at Kapthad.

            • Day 06 : Explore Khaptad National Park and stay overnight.

              Today, we are going to visit Khaptad National Park. We will visit a museum, Khaptad Danda, and a tower. In the national park, we will get to see numerous variety of vegetations ranging from the sub-tropical forest in the lower altitudes to temperate forests on the Khaptad plateau. We will see rich species of flora & fauna, more than 224 species of medical herbs, 270 species of birds, various species of animals, and almost 11% of flowering plants of Nepal in one place.

              • Day 07 : Trek back to Jhigrana – 7 hrs walk.

                After having breakfast, we will trek back to the Jhigrana on the same trail as we came. We will descend through small villages and forested trail and reach Jhigrana where we are going to stay for a night.

                • Day 08 : Trek from Jhigrana to Silgadi via Uditola (1790m) – 5 hrs walk.

                  We will begin descending from Jhigrana towards Silgadi. On the way, we will pass through Uditola and other small villages. Within a more five hours of walk, we will reach Silgadi, our halt for the day.

                  • Day 09 : Drive to Dhangadhi and stay overnight.

                    We will wake up early in the morning, drive towards Dhangadhi. The drive will be scenic and mostly present views of small settlements and dense forests. Dhangadhi is a VDC (village development committee) in Siraha District. Upon reaching Dhangadhi, we will move to the hotel. 

                    • Day 10 : Drive or fly back to Kathmandu – 1 hr 20 minutes flight, 6 hrs drive.

                      Today, we will return back to Kathmandu. We have two options either fly or drive back to Kathmandu. Both options will present us scenic views. Upon reaching, Kathmandu we will rest for the day. In the evening, we will stroll in the lively streets of Thamel and end our day with the farewell dinner.