Nepal is the richest country in terms of biodiversity and natural resources. There is variation in altitude
and geographic location. Himalayan Tahr, Blue Sheep, Snow Leopard, Wild Boar, and several species of
deer are the common species in these areas. Blue Sheep hunting and Himalayan Tahr hunting are the
famous hunting in Nepal. The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation provides the
hunting license and permission for some animals to hunt.
Hunting in Nepal takes place at extreme altitudes in very challenging terrain and rocky mountain. A good
physical condition is a must to go hunt. The shooting average distance can be very long. So we
recommend generally rifles in the 300 magnum class. Also, hunters have to practice very well before
hunting. Generally, be comfortable shooting at distances of 400 yards and more. Hunters should be
aware of the potentially fatal risks of hunting at high altitudes in Nepal. Similarly, it is very important to
discuss preparations with a medical professional beforehand.
We organize a hunting tour in Nepal. Hunting in this ecological awakening age hunting seems quite
contradictory but Nepal has been a favored ground for hunters since the 9 th century. In the Himalayan
country, controlled hunting is allowed with proper licenses and certain seasons of the year. A hunting
license is issued by the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation in Kathmandu and there
are a few hunting outfitters who can make arrangements.
Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve conducts the modern-day hunts in Nepal. And Dhorpatan is one of the most
hunting reserves of Nepal. Hunting Himalayan Tahr and blue sheep here is arguably one of the world’s
greatest mountain hunts. It's possible to go in either spring or fall. Hunting in rocky mountain and
Himalayan is an extreme which requires excellent physical fitness. There is usually about 5 days hike just
to get to the hunting areas after helicopter drops.
Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve covers an area of 1325 sq. km. that encompasses Baglung, Myagdi, and
Rukum districts in Western Nepal. It is the only hunting reserve in Nepal and is famous for blue sheep
hunting. This is the hallmark o thrill of hunting in Nepal where you will get the chance to experience one
of the extreme and memorable hunting in the world.