Geography of Nepal

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Millions of years ago, the world was one big landmass called Gondwanaland. Gondwanaland came apart and its pieces drifted through the ocean. As the years went by, the pieces drifted further and further apart and the waters which dicided the land became today's oceans and seas. The landmasses were broken up to form huge continents and tiny islands scattered all over the globe.
The story of Nepal began about 10-15 million years ago. Then, present day India was sparate from the continent of Asia. But earth movements pushed India closer till finally it collided with Aia. The force which followed the meeting of two landmasses pushed the land up, forming majestic muntains and hills, and Nepal was bor,.
Today, Nepal is a landlocked country sourrounded by china in North and India in the South.It has a total area of 147,181 km. sq.( 56,139 square miles ) with a population of 30 million.
Although 85% of Nepal is mountainous,it can be divided into three geographical regions : the towering peaks and range of Himalayas, the cool terracwss and valleys from the Middle Hills, and the warm,humid lowlands of the Terai.