A typical day in the village of Nepal

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Work in the village begins before the roosters crow. There is wood to be gathered, fodder to be cut and water to be fetched. Water may come from a nearby well or from a stream or tap over an hour's walk away. As he forest disappear, water is disappearing too, and people have to walk farther and farther for both.The fire is lit and cooking starts as soon as the household stirs. Theere may be tea and sugar to drink, but probably not for every morning. Most people eat dal-bhat. It is boiled rice and to go with this you will get some vegetable curry. If the family has a cow or buffalo , there may be milk or yoghurt too.Afer eating, some children go off to school, others help out in the fields or at home. Typically, School starts at 10. Farm work, grazing cattle, getting wood or water , everything is done by hand and carried on the back. After school, children may play or join their parents at work.People use the sun,not watches to tell tie. As the sun begins to set everyone gatherrs around the fire. Light may come from a yellow bulb hanging around in the wall or just from the fire or a kerosene lamp if the loadsheding is going on.After eating ( maily Dal-Bhat again), The family gathers ti talk until everyone has gone to sleep.