A Typical Day In the town of Nepal

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People rise early in town too, Nothing tastes better than a steaming glass of Nepalese milk tea on the cold morning. Waer may be in the ouse or from a nearby tap.Mother starts to work roght away because it takes about one and half hours to cook on her gas stove. She prepares meal of rice, lentil soup, vegetable curry, maybe milk,yoghurt, or meat. Children get ready for school or play.
Father the goes to hos shop or office, and mother begins her housework. If parents can they send their children to provate English language schools. School buses may be anything from micro Van, to electric vans packed with classmates.
Mother washes the dishes and clothes at the tap and then goes to market to buy the day's vegetables and food. There is no refrigenator to store a week's groceries. Afer school, children play, study, or maybe go to see new movie in town - the cheap seats are only about 1$
Father finishes his work at 5p.m and makes his way home slowly. He talks to friends, maybe over a cup of tea or local liquor, stops at he newsstand to browse through the latest books and magazines. 
The evening meal is late, 8 p.m or after, and everyone goes to bed soon after.